Finance interim rates rise as businesses use interim managers to cope with market challenges and business transformation

Geneva, 2020, November 3rd. Recruitment firm Robert Walters releases the results of its European Interim Management Remuneration & Market Report, an index of interim management rates by function and country. In Switzerland, finance departments have largely called on interim managers to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, but above all to control their risks and successfully transform financial tools.


Accounting and Internal Auditing: The best paid specialisations

The steady growth of interim management in Switzerland over the last few years bears witness to the return on investment it brings for organisations facing unprecedented challenges and inevitable transformations. However, not all companies have used interim managers often worried by the costs involved. Robert Walters’ report provides interim rates, and their growth YOY, by function and by country.

Within the finance department, while the crisis has brought to the fore the need to structure and control corporate accounting, the specialist profiles of Head of Accounting and Internal Audit Director benefit from the highest daily rates.

Best paid interim managers in finance in Switzerland (daily rate)
Chief Financial Officer ………………….. CHF 1,500+
Head of Accounting …………………….. 1,500 to 1,800 CHF
Internal Audit Director ………………….. 1,400 to 1,800 CHF

Overall, daily rates of financial experts have increased significantly in 2020 (up to 15 to 20% for certain functions) due to their expanded responsibilities as a result of the pandemic.

Finance / IT: a highly sought-after dual competence

Two types of Interim Managers are actively called upon in Switzerland.

- Finance Project Managers are particularly sought after as companies wish to provide the best support to major projects having an impact on the whole organisation. At the heart of the IT team, these finance experts launch, optimise or roll out new and strategic applications or tools. They have a key role of project coordinators as they are able to meet the objectives of both the IT and finance departments simultaneously.

- ERP migration project managers are sought after to upgrade or launch companies' accounting and finance tools, ensuring that the switchover to the new system is as smooth as possible. Whether in a data collection, testing, anomaly reporting or user training phase, these finance professionals are able to transpose financial flows into IT flows. As such, they provide a high level of added value to the company, making the data significantly more reliable.

Marine Diorcet, Principal at Robert Walters in Geneva, notes: "The year 2020 has been particularly turbulent and has placed risk management at the heart of organisations' concerns. Swiss companies have strengthened their teams using interim managers, allowing them to better control operational risks, deadlines and costs."

Who is the new swiss interim manager?

The crisis has also changed the way professionals see ways of working in Switzerland and in Europe. Many executives are now questioning their impact within the company and want to give more meaning to their job but above all make the most of their expertise. A lot of those who had not considered interim management yet are now attracted by its benefits, underlined by the report:

- The opportunity to work with different teams, the independence when working for a company, the flexibility to choose assignments and the ability to make the most of their expertise are the top reasons given by Swiss interim managers when asked why they chose interim management

- 56% of them say they earn the same or more compared to their last permanent employment

- Assignments last on average between 3 and 6 months; almost half of interim managers surveyed (44%) say they had no interruption (or less than 3 months) between assignments.

"Interim management is a cultural revolution in work, based on agility and freedom. Interim managers are keen to make a different contribution to organisations’ performance whilst sharing their expertise with internal teams.", says Guillaume Blanchin, director of Robert Walters' Geneva office. A statement that makes even more sense in the "new normal".


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