Why Switzerland is an attractive location for banking and finance professionals

Switzerland as an attractive location

The Swiss financial services sector has been adapting to a new environment in recent years following the erosion of the country’s bank secrecy law and, more recently, the appreciation of the Swiss Franc.

In the wake of these changes, Switzerland is still an attractive place to work.

In Switzerland, the preferred business language of the vast majority of companies is English.

Centre of excellence

The sector has lost none of its attractiveness thanks to a deeply rooted professionalism. A nation with few natural resources, the Swiss have always felt the need to nurture a culture of highest professional standards. It is this home-grown tradition of excellence that has allowed the sector to successfully reinvent itself and defend its position amongst the world’s top financial hubs. 

Open to international professionals

Despite a strong local talent pool, Swiss firms are keen to attract foreign talent. Professionals from other countries make up about a fourth of the sector’s workforce, and within Zurich the ratio is closer to a third. Language is not a barrier to a successful career in the country, with knowledge of French or Swiss German not a prerequisite, even for senior positions. Knowing the local language is always an asset, but the preferred business language of the vast majority of companies is English and this is evidenced by the everyday use of English inside the firms.

Easy to settle

Upon arrival, expats are often impressed by how easy it is to settle in Switzerland. Relocating is fast and procedures are non-bureaucratic. You can quickly focus on work – and on everything else that Switzerland has to offer.

Top rankings

Prices in Switzerland are, on average, higher than in neighbouring countries but so are the salaries (see the Robert Walters Global Salary Survey for details). Adding to this are personal tax advantages that will leave you with more disposable income compared to other established hubs. Also the high standards in education and healthcare show enough reasons why Swiss cities consistently rank among the world’s top ten places to live and work.

Looking at your career prospects, Geneva and Zurich, in particular, come with a reputation on par with other key hubs like London, New York and Singapore. Proving your skills and advancing your career in a mature market like Switzerland will always be an asset to your CV.

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