Salary Survey 2017 - Sales & Marketing

Salary Survey 2017 - Sales & Marketing

Businesses were active in recruiting sales and marketing professionals in 2016, as M&A activity among IT and tech firms in the Swiss market led to extensive restructuring, which in turn created new roles.

High demand continued for technical sales and pre-sales professionals specialising in ICT, particularly those with an existing track record of business development and experience stretching over more than five years.

Offering flexible working hours to promote work life balance will be key to attract highly qualified professionals in 2017. Luxury goods companies also played a key role in driving demand for sales talent as these firms looked to grow. Junior to mid-level candidates, especially those with a solid understanding of products and processes within this sector, were highly sought after.

Across all sectors, marketers with established management skills and the ability to track ROI were sought after in 2016, alongside digital and social media specialists, as companies focused on targeted online activities.

Professionals with a local expertise are highly sought after

We anticipate professionals who speak local languages with a track record in the Swiss market will be in particularly high demand in 2017. In order to attract these candidates hiring managers will need to offer competitive salaries as well as structured career paths and development programmes. The offer of flexible working policies and initiatives to promote work life balance will also be crucial in attracting top sales and marketing talent.

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