Swiss organisations will not adopt fully digitalised recruitment processes

Zurich, 2020, July 16th Although 59% of Swiss organisations intend to digitalize their recruitment processes through more video interviews, far fewer are willing to adopt remote assessment and onboarding technologies, preferring to focus on human relationships.

This is the result of a survey run by recruitment firm Robert Walters over 2000 global organisations, alongside the release of their guide to the new world of work after the pandemic.



While 40% of global organisations had video interviewing solutions in place before the Covid-19 crisis, only 34% of Swiss organisations had already adopted this technology. As the impact of the lockdown became more pronounced 59% of Swiss organisations said they were interested in adopting this kind of technology in the future (versus 50% globally).

“Video interviewing is not just a matter of convenience for both recruiters and candidates, it gives employers more flexibility whilst speeding up the hiring process”, explains Christian Atkinson, Country Head at Robert Walters Switzerland.


Whilst video interviews are set to become more common, most organisations want to ensure face to face human relationships are at the core of their hiring strategy. Indeed, only 34% of Swiss organisations said they intended to explore remote assessment technologies and only 37% said they were open to explore how remote onboarding could benefit their businesses after the pandemic (versus 50% globally).

Post the pandemic video interviewing will no doubt increase in popularity due to the efficiency gains it provides businesses. However, we believe that to secure the best talent it is vital that face to face human relationships and connection remain central to any hiring process. These interactions allow businesses to ensure they choose the right candidate who is aligned with their organisations culture and atmosphere.”, comments Guillaume Blanchin, Director of Robert Walters Geneva.

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