Covid-19 Crisis and the quality of life at work: How do Swiss executives feel?  

Zurich, June 2021

In the context of the Global Wellness Day (12 June 2021), the specialist recruitment consultancy Robert Walters is unveiling the results of a survey of 250 executives in Switzerland. Swiss executives are generally happy at work: 64% of them say they feel good at work. 

Happy but overworked executives  

More than a year after the onset of the coronavirus crisis and after the overnight change in working patterns, 64% of Swiss executives claim to feel good about their professional life. Of these, 56% say the crisis has had a positive impact on their work-life balance and 33% say it has made them more effective at work. Indeed, a previous Robert Walters study found that the widespread use of remote working had made Swiss executives more productive.

However, while working remotely has had positive effects on the productivity of executives, it has also led to an increase in their workload. Indeed, 57% of all executives surveyed felt that they were working too much.

Motivation impacted by the crisis, but not only 

Amongst the executives who say they do not feel good at work this year, 42% say that the crisis has led to an increase in their workload, 35% mention a decrease in their motivation, and 23% feel more stressed. It is clear that the health context and the development of remote working have had an impact on their morale.

In addition, 72% of these executives who are dissatisfied with their working life feel that they work too much and 61% even say that they are under too much pressure.

It should also be noted that 22% of executives who do not feel well at work in 2021 do not blame the crisis for their discomfort.

"The health crisis has raised awareness of the importance of the quality of life of employees, and companies that have not prioritised employee wellbeing have had to rethink this strategy in order to retain talent. Companies will now have to show that they have learnt from the crisis and will not reverse popular new policies such as remote working.", comments Christian Atkinson, Director of Robert Walters Switzerland. 


Methodology of the study: Robert Walters survey of 250 executives in Switzerland in March 2021

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